The Brick Man

Tate Builders Supply used to be known as "The Brick Man" and because we've been in business since 1928, you would be right in expecting that we know our product! Click on any of our supplier links below to check out the manufacturers that we carry and then visit our showroom to see for yourself our amazing selection.

Belden Brick
In business since 1995, the Belden Brick Company has already grown to be the 6th largest brick manufacturer in North America. It is the largest family-owned brick company in the United States.

General Shale Brick
General Shale Brick offers more than 250 types of brick in a spectrum of colors, textures and shapes. 

Lawrenceville Brick
For over 60 years, Virginia based Lawrenceville Brick has provided superior bricks for residential, commercial and institutional buildings .

Marion Ceramics
Marion Ceramics was founded in 1885 in South Carolina. For many years the company produced brick from clay deposits that created beautiful reds, terra cotta and buff colors and at extreme temperatures, blues.

Pine Hall Brick
Pine Hall Brick Company is a 90-year-old family-owned business that manufactures face brick, pavers and special-shape brick.  

Redland Brick
With four manufacturing plants, Redland Brick produces a wide range of brick products, featuring both molded and extruded styles.

Triangle Brick
Triangle Brick was founded in 1959 in North Carolina with a history of continuing expansion, technological innovation, and a commitment to high quality products.  

Watsontown Brick
Watsontown Brick wsa founded in 1908 to provide street pavers for surrounding towns. Today, they are a premier manufacturer offering a vast variety of extruded and molded bricks to builders, architects and contractors.


Not only does brick offer long-lasting value, it's virtually maintenance free: it doesn't rot, dent, or need to be painted and won't be eaten by termites. Brick is also energy efficient, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Their are many shades and styles - visit our showroom to experience it yourself!



Tate Builders Supply not only offers the brick but the supporting products to lay the brick. Click on the logo links below to go to the supplier websites:

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